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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell and install pool covers in my city?

Yes! R3TRACT services the entire continental United States and Canada.  Our staff is headquartered in Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto. Furthermore, our team collectively speaks seven languages: English, French, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese, Korean, Swedish and Bengali.

Can pool covers be installed onto existing pools?

Yes! All R3TRACT pool covers can be installed on both existing pools and new builds.

At what stage of a new project do you need to be involved?

This varies from project to project. For unique projects at hotels or luxury homes we often get involved at the planning stage. This allows for a fluid brainstorming and creative process that will be able to fulfill the requirements of the client.

What are the benefits of pool covers?

R3TRACT covers provide similar benefits to regular pool covers. Such as pool safety and energy savings. Our swimming pool covers can provide up to 70% savings in a pool's yearly operating costs. Furthermore our covers provide much needed pool safety for your family (and fur family). The effectiveness and benefits of pool deck covers far exceeds those of soft/hardtop covers, especially in terms of load-bearing capacity.

How long of a wait should I expect between the design and installation stages?

From the start of the design process, to the delivery and full installation of your bespoke pool cover will take on average 4-7 months. Our pool covers and decks go through a 4-stage process. 

  1. Design & 3-D Rendering

  2. Engineering & Manufacturing

  3. Shipping

  4. Installation

Who handles the installation of the pool covers?

We send our very own vetted and qualified technicians to your home for installation. The installation process takes no more than one week for the + models and 1-3 days for the standard models. For most of our products our clients also have the choice of using their own general contractors to handle the installation. The only pool cover where we don't offer the option of installation is for the manual H-Line, whereby we send the materials and assembly instructions.

What are the size restrictions of the pool covers?

R3TRACT pool covers are not restricted to the dimensions of any pool. We even work with irregular shaped pools.  Our customizable solutions are designed to fit each project’s unique size requirements. We work hand in hand with clients to accommodate any custom needs and/or add-ons.

Are the pool covers insulated?

​Yes, R3tract covers are insulated; which keeps in water, temperature, reduces chemical use, etc. There is already at least a closed 4” air space in the middle of panels (which acts as an insulator).

How sturdy are pool covers?

R3TRACT Pool Covers compare to the live-load capacity of a residential home. The standard load capacity of a residential home is 30lbm/psf to 40lbm/psf. A garage that sits above a basement, for example, might require closer to 50lbm/psf.Our average 200sqft pool cover and deck has a live load capacity of 6000lbm, which equates to about 40 people. For reference, the ASTM standard is only 435 lbm for a pool cover. R3TRACT pool covers can support almost all activities, within reason. Upon request, the pool covers can be fitted with added material to support cars, become a helipad or whatever you may need.

How do you open and close the pool covers?

clients can have exclusive control of the cover’s movement using our private smartphone app or key/pass code (or both). We provide options and add-ons  to prevent unauthorized users from activating the R3TRACT pool cover system.

How many minutes does it take for a pool covers to open?

Transformation time is dependent on the size of the pool. For most of our models the cover can open or close in less than a minute.

Will my pool cover be affected by weather conditions or pool chemicals?

The materials used in the cover are weather resistant. When we install in very cold climates, the cover may sometimes be limited in terms of cladding that can be used.

What type of maintenance can I expect with a pool cover?

This depends on the usage of the pool and pool cover. For a large majority of the time the pool will be covered, which greatly reduces your pool operations costs. If the pool deck and cover are used responsibly, maintenance will be rare. We do however place a maintenance hatch on all or covers to allow for easy access to the mechanics. Upon request, we can also send our local contractors to fix any manufacturing issues. Furthermore, some of our models offer remote monitoring of the pool cover system, so that we are alerted of any malfunctions.

Which types of decking can be installed on a pool cover?

There are no restrictions on finish. We have over 20 types of cladding to choose from, our most popular materials include wood, stone, turf, marble, and glass. Clients also have the freedom to supply their own finishings that match existing pool decks. To minimize maintenance we recommend non-porous and waterproof finishes.

How much do r3tractable pool covers cost?

Typically our pool covers start at $50,000 ($200/psf), this number can easily increase for our most premium models.. Since all R3TRACT pool covers are bespoke designs that bring our client’s unique vision to life, prices vary significantly. Please contact us for a free consultation and personalized quote.

What other products do you offer?

We also offer retractable spa covers, retracting outdoor entertainment systems, hydraulic elevators, 360 degree car platforms, car lifts, disappearing fire pits, sinking/retracting gates, hidden wine cellars, guillotine windows,  and many more wow-factor products.

Do I need a permit to install outdoors?

It depends where you are located but for most of R3TRACT’s outdoor solutions permits are required. Our team and your local dealer will be aware of all regulations regarding your project and will be able to provide you with all the accurate information.

Will my property taxes increase?

Typically all types of in-ground pools and their covers will increase your property taxes. The higher the quality of your project, the more it will increase your home's value. When your home's value rises, so do your property taxes. In many cases the pool cover can become more expensive than the pool itself. However, whereas the pool is considered a permanent addition, the pool cover could be seen as non-permanent. Feel free to contact us for creative solutions to any property tax worries.

Will my pool cover increase or decrease the price of my required pool insurance?

When installing a new pool, insurance companies typically recommend increasing liability coverage from $100,000 to $500,000. This can increase the annual homeowner's insurance premium by $50-$100. However pool covers don't necessarily add to the liability, as they are more likely to decrease liability given the added safety features. This is something you should discuss with your insurance provider. Some insurance companies will not differentiate between a soft top vinyl pool cover and our load-bearing pool decks. Please reach out to us if you’d like to be referred to a pool cover insurance expert.

Will a pool cover still require me to keep a fence around my pool?

Pool fences are not required (in most states and counties) when an ASTM approved pool cover is used. Even though soft top pool covers will pass the ASTM standards, they are not as secure as our covers. In either situation a pool fence is always recommended, especially when you have children under the age of 5.
Pool fence regulations tend to follow the specifications of the International Building Code section 305, regarding “pool barriers.”  It’s updated every 3 years, so be sure you follow the most current version to see your area's updated codes and regulations.

What kind of engine powers the pool covers?

We have two types of motors that power our pool covers. The premium version uses water-based hydraulics, whereas our more affordable line uses electric motors. We also offer select types of our sliding H-Line model without an engine that can be manually pulled back and forth.

Are there any electrical safety hazards?

All our electric engines used are either water submersible IP68 (for the S-Line) or water resistant 24 Volt electric motors, similar to those used on driveway gates.

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