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5 Perks of Sliding and Retractable Pool Covers

A popular method to keep your pool area safer is to use a sliding pool cover. A sliding pool cover can significantly improve your swimming space. R3tract offers choices for constructing a safer pool area. Knowing about the perks of pool covers will enable you to choose the best course of action for the enjoyment and security of your loved ones, friends, and pets.

Let's discuss five sliding pool cover perks:

1. Safety

For pool owners with young children living at home as well as their invited guests, safety is a concern.

Keep in mind that sufficient adult supervision and pool rules are indispensable. However, a strong sliding pool cover is one of the greatest physical barriers you can install to improve safety.

Sliding pool covers provide the highest level of safety when it comes to preventing people—especially children—and animals—from falling in because they are robust and long-lasting.

2. Water Conservation

Using sliding pool covers is a fantastic technique to prevent water loss from your pool. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that up to 70% of the water lost from swimming pools and spas is due to evaporation.

It's not unusual to observe your pool's water line losing anything between a quarter and a half inch every day. That adds up to 2 to 4 inches over the course of a week.

A well-placed pool cover can have a significant impact. According to university research, utilizing one might reduce water loss by up to 95%!

3. A Clean Pool

Nobody enjoys the trouble of maintaining their pool or gazing at dirty pool water. A cleaner swimming environment is guaranteed by having a sliding pool cover, since it prevents almost all dirt and debris from entering.

Yes, some dirt can enter your pool when you remove the cover to use it. However, you'll encounter fewer bugs overall the more frequently your pool is covered. Think about how much dirt, trash, pollen, leaves, twigs, bugs, grass clippings, and a plethora of other contaminants can enter the water if your pool is only open for two hours a day.

As a result, both manual and automated cleaning processes require less time and effort. Using a pool net to remove debris will reduce the time spent using your automatic pool cleaner and the physical work required.

Less time is also required for filtration cycles. Similar to this, a pool cover and the cleaner water it creates aid in extending the filter's life. The filter works more effectively since there is less total dirt for the filter to catch. Even better, there will be longer intervals between filter cleanings.

4. Energy Efficient

The main source of energy loss is water evaporation, which can be considerably reduced by a cover, as was already mentioned. Even in the summer, certain geographical areas experience a sharp drop in temperature at dusk; in these situations, covering a pool at dusk can help save energy expenses by reducing evaporation.

As a result, a cover can reduce pool heating expenses by up to 70% and may result in an overall electricity cost reduction of up to 50%.

5. Convenience

The ease with which a sliding pool cover stores itself—typically in less than a minute—is one of its greatest advantages. When you're ready, your pool cover neatly folds itself up. It's important to remember that convenience can encourage frequent use. Sounds amazing, right? Get covered up today!

How Do You Decide Which Cover Is Best For You?

It might be difficult to determine which pool cover would suit your needs because there are so many factors to consider: budget, appearance, durability, feel, and theme. Why not get in touch with us and find out more about the various options that we have to offer? We'll be able to recommend the perfect solution.

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