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5 Ways to Improve Pool Safety

Pool safety is a serious issue, and it is something that you should always take thoughtfully. To be sure your pool is safe for anyone who wants to use it, there are a few things you can do.

Just keep in mind that most accidents happen with people who aren't even in the pool--like kids running around on deck or adults taking a casual dip even though they're not supposed to. By following these easy steps, you can keep your pool as safe as possible and prevent the unexpected from happening:

1. Secure Pathways to the Pool

Whether your pool is in your backyard or your front yard, there should never be any way for people to sneak up on it. When you're not using your pool, lock your gates so people don't have a chance to enter--even if they think they can walk around or climb over. If there is a deck leading up to the pool, be sure it's closed and locked.

2. Install Physical Barriers

If a person does manage to get into your pool, adding a fence around the deck's perimeter is your next line of defense. A standard fence will cost anywhere from $150 to $300 and require regular maintenance to keep it looking nice.

It should be a little farther out than the average step into a hot tub or pool so that someone can't just reach over and climb into the pool.

3. Have an Alarm System Installed

An alarm system that goes off when your gate or fence is opened will provide another layer of security and make people think twice about entering the yard if they know there's a chance it might go off. It also ensures that kids won't be able to sneak out in the middle of the night and go swimming.

4. Consider Getting Anti-Slip Material Installed

An easy way to prevent people from slipping on surfaces is to put a non-slip coating on the stairs and floors, especially if they're wet or made out of concrete. You can choose between various materials that will provide a safe surface, especially if you have kids or pets on deck.

5. Supervise Everyone Who Uses the Pool

Don't rely entirely on your alarm system and other safety precautions to keep your pool safe. If you want to go for a swim and know that there are people in and out of the yard, make sure someone is always there to watch what's going on.

Sure, it can be a pain to constantly babysit people and make sure they're not doing anything too dangerous, but it will help prevent any injuries from happening.

Get R3TRACT Pool Decks and Covers for Maximum Safety

There are many ways you can keep your pool safe for everyone who uses it, but the best way of all is by choosing R3TRACT pool safety cover to provide you with the most safety and convenience. We provide both manual and automated safety, which enhance safety by restricting unauthorized access.

R3TRACT is an innovative approach to pool safety and containment. It provides a safe & convenient way to cover your pool while ensuring 100% safety for the kids.

Choose from our sliding deck, bi-folding deck, or moveable floor system.

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