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Is a Load-Bearing Pool Cover Worth the Expense?

Let's be honest: the swimming pool cover is rarely as attractive as the pool itself.

They make having a pool safer for your family and the neighborhood, but they take up all of your yard space—not to mention that some pool covers can be an eyesore. Unless, of course, you have a sliding deck pool cover. A sliding deck pool cover is precisely what it sounds like: a removable pool cover that also functions as a deck.

Pools are an excellent addition to any home. They aid in the formation of memories, the development of connections, and the provision of an ideal hangout location. Almost 10% of families have a pool, and if you're one of them, you know the importance of a good retractable pool cover. Pool covers are an essential pool accessory. The advantages of pool covers become clearer once you select the right one for your pool. When it comes to selecting one, though, it might be tough to choose which pool cover is best for you.

Just take a look for yourself.

A Look at Load-bearing Covers

The extra space while the pool is not in use is one of the most significant benefits of a load-bearing pool cover. Many homeowners must choose between a larger pool and more open space in their backyard. They can save you a lot of money on your water and energy costs. Bonus!

When you install a load-bearing pool cover, you don't have to worry about losing open space in exchange for a larger pool. Load-bearing pool covers can be designed to complement or resemble a deck. They are made of a durable material that can sustain hundreds of people standing on it at once without collapsing. Your family can go from swimming in the pool to cooking on the stovetop in minutes.

The increased room that a sliding pool deck cover provides is a significant benefit. You can use your mobile deck for almost anything if it can support furniture and the weight of many people. The best thing is that you won't have to move any of your furniture to open and close the pool.

There is almost no way for a young child (at least that we can think of) to get under the wooden deck and into the pool unless they have access to the operating panel or can move the deck. Hide the pool to decrease the temptation for children to enter the pool on their own.

There Are So Many Options

The capacity to create and personalize load-bearing pool covers is one of their most enticing features. When planning your backyard, you think about everything from patio chairs to the type of lighting that should be used to highlight your space. Load-bearing pool covers provide you with more design options.

Begin by selecting on the material that will be used to make your load-bearing pool cover. All of these choices can be tailored to your pool's specifications. You can build a basketball court, a dance floor, a helicopter landing pad, and other structures. There are many possibilities!

Make the Transformation

A load-bearing pool cover is a fantastic choice for anyone who does not have a pool cover or who wishes to replace an old one. When your pool is not in use, you will enjoy all of the benefits of pool covers as well as more yard space.

R3tract can handle all of your pool cover needs. We can rapidly install your load-bearing pool covers and address any design questions you may have. Contact us immediately to transform your yard into a healthier, safer environment.

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