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Is a Sliding Deck Pool Cover Right for You?

The pool cover is rarely as attractive as the pool itself, let's face it.

They make having a pool safer for your family and the community, but when the pool is covered, you lose all of that yard space, in addition to the fact that some pool covers can be unsightly.

Some of them even support enough weight for furniture, dinner parties, or even dancing, and when the cover is closed, guests might not even realize you have a pool.

Since R3tract has worked on so many different pool designs over the years, we have seen just about everything there is to know about swimming pool coverings and accessories. We'll look at some of the benefits of sliding pool covers in this article.


Because they create a sturdy barrier between the pool water and the surroundings, sliding deck pool coverings, often referred to as roller decks and movable decks, are typically regarded as safe. In other words, it is impossible for your toddler to move the deck and access the pool by themselves.

Unless they have access to the control panel or can move the deck, there is basically no way (at least that we can think of) for a tiny child to get beneath the wooden deck or into the pool. Hiding the pool might also discourage kids from attempting to get in on their own.


The Extra Room

The extra room you gain back when you have a sliding pool deck cover is one of its main benefits. You may use your mobile deck for just about anything if it can hold the weight of many people and furniture. The nicest aspect is that opening and closing the pool probably won't require you to relocate any of your furnishings.

They Conserve Energy

Additionally, assisting in preventing evaporation and heat loss are sliding deck pool coverings. This can maintain the temperature of your swimming pool while also significantly reducing energy expenditures.

Very Effective

These strong security coverings do a great job of keeping out undesirable visitors as well as dirt and other foreign objects that alter the water's chemistry and leave stains.

Appealing Design

Sliding pool deck covers are one of the most appealing pool cover alternatives, if not the most attractive. Nobody will notice that your poolside deck is a cover when the pool is open. Additionally, nobody will be aware that you have a pool if it is closed.

Your Choice

For pool buyers who want to make the most of their outside space, a sliding deck pool cover is the best option.

R3TRACT is positioned as the main provider of luxury pool covers in the USA thanks to our suppliers' centuries of experience and a combined 300,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity in Europe. Get covered now! Any questions you may have can be answered by our team at any time.

We can also provide an estimate for the price of a new pool project that includes a sliding cover or any other extras and choices you might desire.

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