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Looking for the Best Retractable Pool Cover Builders in Miami, FL?

Safety, convenience, pool cleanliness, water conservation, and energy efficiency are all benefited by a swimming pool cover that automatically closes. Your backyard retreat's value may increase as a result of these benefits. It is crucial to select the best pool cover builder.

With so many different pool designs that R3tract has worked on over the years, we have seen just about every form of swimming pool cover and accessory there is. Find out why we are the best retractable pool covers in Miami.

Vetted Team

For installation, we send our very own experienced and vetted specialists to your house. The installation procedure takes 1-3 days for the regular models and no longer than one week for the Plus models. Our customers also have the option of hiring their own general contractors to conduct the installation for the majority of our items. The manual H-Line pool cover, for which we provide the components and assembly instructions, is the only one for which we don't provide the option of installation.

Attractive Design

R3tract focuses on durable and attractive covers.Sliding deck coverings are one of the most appealing pool cover alternatives, if not the most attractive. Nobody will notice that your poolside deck is a cover when the pool is open. Additionally, nobody will know you have a pool if it is closed.

An Effective Barrier

These sturdy security barriers do a good job of keeping off trespassers. This entails unwelcome visitors like dirt and other foreign objects that alter the water's chemistry and leave stains.

Very Safe

Since they create a solid barrier between the pool water and the surroundings, sliding deck pool coverings, often referred to as roller decks and movable decks, are typically regarded as safe. In other words, your children can't independently move the deck and access the pool.

Keeps Heat Inside

An insulation blanket is a pool cover. The same way a regular blanket keeps you warm on a chilly night, a covered pool absorbs heat. You can save a ton of electricity if you have a swimming pool and wish to extend the swimming season by heating the pool. In fact, the amount of energy you save might pay for an automatic pool cover in as little as three years.

The Sturdy Option

R3TRACT Pool Covers are compared to a residential home's live-load capacity. A residential home's typical load capacity is from 30 to 40 pounds per square foot. For instance, a garage above a basement could need closer to 50lbm/psf. Our typical 200 sq ft pool cover and deck can support a live load of 6000 lbm, or around 40 people. For comparison, the ASTM standard for a pool cover is only 435 lbm. Nearly all activities are supported by R3TRACT pool coverings, within limits. The pool covers can be modified with additional material upon request to serve as a helipad, support cars, or for any other purpose you may have.

The Obvious Choice

Now that you've seen it, it's obvious that an automatic pool cover truly is the master of disguise when it comes to swimming pool equipment. They serve many different purposes, which is one of the main reasons they are becoming such a popular addition for inground swimming pools.

R3TRACT is positioned as the top provider of luxury pool covers in the USA because of the decades of experience of our suppliers and their combined 300,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in Europe. Call R3TRACT right away! Any questions you may have will always be answered by our team.

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