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Putting Pools in Small Backyards

Even if you don't have a lot of space in your backyard, you can still find room to put a swimming pool. Learn about putting pools in small backyards here!

For most people, the thought of swimming on a hot day is one of the best things about the summer. However, many homeowners view that dream as out of reach simply because they don't think they have the space to make a swimming pool part of their home's experience. With small yards becoming more normal for younger homeowners with smaller families, a pool seems like something they just have to pass on having.

But is that really the case? Actually, it isn't: there's a lot you can do with a small amount of space, and that includes installing a pool. As long as you've got the space for a 10' by 10' area, you've got the space for a pool of some kind.

What kind of pool might differ based on where it's safe for you to build, but the bottom line is that most people can find some space for pools in small backyards; it's just a matter of using your space properly to get the most out of it.

How Can You Put a Pool in a Small Backyard?

The most important thing to do when you're putting in a pool is to make sure that you're making the most of the space you do have and putting it in the right location.

If you're really tight on space, you can build around a pool by building a deck or patio around the area where you would want a pool and then digging there. If you plan properly, you can set up a structure around your pool area, ensuring that you get the most out of your new pool without sacrificing too much of the space you have available.

It's also important to use any existing structures to your advantage. If you have a wall on one side of the backyard, you can easily use that to construct a pool by adding a length-based pool that gives you the space to swim laps or practice floating on a warm day.

If you have something that simply can't be moved in your backyard, move to another spot, and don't worry about disrupting it. Remember, your pool needs to work with your lifestyle, and you need to make sure that it's a good fit for the space you've got. There's always a way to do that if you're willing to be creative.

What is a Cocktail Pool?

A cocktail pool, also known as a spool, is a small pool that sometimes includes heaters, water jets, and spa treatments in addition to cool water. It's commonly put in place in warm climates in order to ensure that the summer is bearable because, in those locations, even a small pool is better than having no pool at all.

The size is where it might shock most homeowners because a cocktail pool can be 400 square feet or smaller. Considering that the average bedroom size is about 250 to 300 square feet, that doesn't leave you a lot of room to maneuver in these pools.

That's why cocktail pools aren't going to be used for full-length swimming, as they don't offer enough space for you to get more than a few yards before you run out of room. Instead, these pools are used more for sitting, socializing, and cooling off in the hot sun. They aren't a good choice if you're looking for a lap pool, but if you just want to beat the heat, a cocktail pool is an excellent method of putting pools in small backyards.

How Much Do Small Inground Pools Cost?

The best news about a small pool is that it comes at a smaller price. Putting in an inground pool can cost you $50,000 or more to make sure that you've got a top-of-the-line option, but spools and small backyard pools usually only cost around $20,000 to properly install.

Obviously, that's still not a cheap project, but it's much more manageable and offers a good starting ground for homeowners who are looking for a way to add value to their homes and make the most of their summers.

Why Would You Want a Small Backyard Pool?

There are two excellent reasons to opt for a small backyard pool for your home. The first is that it can maximize the space that you have and allow you to keep cool on hot days without having to travel to a city pool or purchase an expensive gym membership. If all you want is a way to cool off, a small backyard pool is a right choice for your situation.

The other reason is that maintenance is much easier when you opt for a small backyard pool. In this day and age, many modern homeowners are deciding that they neither need nor want a large amount of tangible items, as they feel that it clutters their homes and puts far too much stress on them to keep things operating properly.

A spool doesn't have anywhere near as much maintenance work that goes into keeping it running, simply because it doesn't have the same amount of space or the same parts. As such, your maintenance costs will be much lower than they would with a traditional pool, while still adding some value to your home with a space to cool off in the summer.

If you're interested in making the most of your home's space this summer, built-in pools in small backyards are an excellent way to take advantage of what's available to keep cool on those sweltering days. All it takes is a little bit of vision and you can maximize your space to install a small backyard pool that makes your yard the place to be during the summer!

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