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Retractable Pool Covers: Benefits They Offer Pool Owners

A retractable pool cover that automatically open and closes, offers advantages on five crucial aspects: safety, convenience, pool cleanliness, water conservation, and energy economy. These advantages can lengthen the value of your backyard hideaway.

Unlike other types of pool covers, R3tract pool covers can be customized to pools of any shape or size, including rounded and irregular shapes. Your only limit is your imagination, and of course, your budget.

In this post, we'll examine the advantages of sliding pool covers.

Conserve Energy

Retractable pool covers aid in preventing evaporation and heat loss. This can keep your pool at a consistent temperature all year long. It will also drastically lower your energy costs by 50%.

Beautiful Design

One of the most attractive pool cover options, if not the most attractive, are retractable deck coverings. When the pool is open, nobody will know that your poolside deck is a cover. In addition, if your pool is closed, no one will know you have one.

An Effective Barrier

These robust security barriers are quite effective at keeping out unwanted guests. That would be unwanted guests like dirt and other foreign items that change the chemistry of the water and leave stains.

Very Safe

Sliding deck pool covers are considered safe since they form a strong barrier between the pool water and the surroundings. In other words, the solid construction of R3tract sliding deck pool covers makes them the most safer and secure choice of automatic pool covering for families with young children and pets.

Keeps Heat Inside

Additionally, a pool cover serves as a thermal blanket. Similar to how an ordinary blanket keeps you warm on a cool night, it traps heat in the pool when it is covered. If you own a swimming pool and would like to extend your swimming season by keeping your pool heated, having a retractable pool cover will help you save a ton of energy. In fact, you could pay for an automatic pool cover with the energy you save in as little as three years.

The Obvious Choice

Now you can clearly see that a retractable pool cover truly is the master of disguise in terms of swimming pool covers. They are becoming such a well-liked addition for inground swimming pools because of their multifunctional role.

Thanks to the decades of expertise, R3tract is positioned as the leading supplier of luxury retractable pool covers in the USA. Contact R3TRACT now! Our experienced team can guide you through the entire process, from the initial designs and cost estimates to installation and use.

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