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Transform Your Pool Into Any Type of Floor with a Retractable Pool Cover

Updated: Mar 1

Pools are a fantastic feature of any property. They help create memories, foster relationships and serve as the ideal hangout spot. Almost 10% of households have a pool; if you're one of them, you understand the value of a solid retractable pool cover. Pool covers are a must-have accessory for any pool. The benefits of pool covers become even more apparent once you pick the appropriate one for your pool. But when it comes to choosing one, it might be challenging to decide which pool cover is best for you.

Reading this blog will help you choose the best retractable load-bearing pool cover!

A Look at Load-bearing Covers

One of the most significant advantages of a load-bearing pool cover is the increased space when the pool is not in use. Many homeowners must choose between having a larger pool and open yard space.

You don't have to worry about losing free space in exchange for a larger pool when you use a load-bearing pool cover.

Load-bearing pool covers can be constructed to match or look like a deck. They are built of a strong, long-lasting material that can withstand hundreds of people standing on it at the same time without collapsing. In minutes, your family can shift from swimming in the pool to dancing on top of it.

Custom Options

One of the most appealing aspects of load-bearing pool coverings is their design and customization ability. When it comes to planning your backyard, you consider everything from patio chairs to the type of lighting that should be used to showcase your space. Load-bearing pool covers enable you to broaden your design options.

You can begin by selecting the material you want your load-bearing pool cover to be built. All of these choices can be tailored to your pool's specifications. Here are a few examples of customized pool covers:

Basketball Court

Get your space back! Watch as our team transforms your lovely swimming pool into a fully functional basketball court that can be utilized whenever you please.

The R3tract cover is a unique load-bearing retractable pool cover that glides over your pool effortlessly. It offers homeowners a strong, secure floor and many advantages. Our retractable covers are available in various sizes for residential or commercial use.

Dance Floor

Our innovative retractable pool covers and flooring solutions enable quick area conversion at the touch of a button. We will convert your beautiful swimming pool into a fully functional dance floor that you can use whenever you want. Consider all the parties and banquets you could host with a retractable pool deck cover. The possibilities are endless!

Helicopter Landing

Your traffic worries are over! Our team has the ability to revamp the pool area into a helicopter landing with our retractable pool cover. In addition, the customization options for your new helicopter landing area are limitless!Nothing can go in if your pool cover is closed, and your pool will be ready to use all year round.

Transform Your Pool

A load-bearing pool cover is an excellent option for anyone who doesn't have a pool cover or who wants to update their cover. You'll have all the benefits of pool covers as well as extra yard space when your pool isn't in use.

R3tract can meet all of your pool cover requirements. We can quickly install your load-bearing pool cover and answer all your design questions. Contact us today to upgrade your yard to a better, safer place.

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