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Wanting a Retractable Pool Cover but Wondering About Your Options?

Regardless of whether you already have a pool cover, are building a new inground pool, or need to cover an existing inground pool, our nationwide team of pool cover specialists can develop a solution for you that will not only provide safety and security but also improve the overall beauty of your backyard swimming pool.

You can add an automatic pool cover (also known as a retractable, electric, or motorized pool cover) to almost any shape pool to give your family the same security and safety. Need help deciding? R3tract will help you make the best choice.

Above Ground Covers

Some sliding decks can be manually operated. This form of sliding deck typically operates as a single unit on a low-friction track.

To minimize the need to move furniture when using the area for entertaining, the majority of sliding decks of this type simply slide back and forth atop the pool on their tracks. An excellent above-ground example that is available in both manual and electric modes is the R3tract H-Line sliding deck.

This unibody-style sliding deck may travel down the pool's narrower edge or across its wider border.

Your sliding pool deck cover will fit there no matter how your backyard space is laid out because it can slide either lengthwise or widthwise.

Integrated Covers

It's not usually the case that sliding decks are built over pools. Those that are "seamless" will be blended into the pool wall.

Certain sliding decks include two or more parts that slide in pairs or more from the opposite ends of your pool to the center. This pool cover may move either lengthwise or widthwise, like sliding decks with unibody construction.

A static deck that is already present or being built can be adjusted to move out from beneath some pool covers for sliding decks. The material and finish of your static deck can be used to match the sliding deck's construction.

The amount of deck space in your yard can also be increased by tucking decks in ways that a sliding deck by itself cannot.

The Design

Covers have come a long way, from plastic hooked-on tarps and large roll-away motors to the development of the first motorized pool cover. To satisfy the growing demands of pool design, automatic pool coverings have, nevertheless, once more advanced in recent years. They now have stealth installation options and more compact mechanics.

Think of it like the sunroof on your car: it opens or closes with the touch of a button, its magnificent appearance concealing any visible mechanisms. The sleek appearance of the automobile is still there.

Modern motorized pool coverings can cover spas and pools of any size and shape, even ones with an unlimited number of edges. That implies that nobody will notice your poolside deck is a cover when the pool is open. Because some of them can support weight for furniture, dinner parties, or even become a dance floor, visitors might not even be aware that you have a pool when it is closed.

So Many Choices

Despite the fact that a sliding deck pool cover might be a charming addition to your backyard getaway, you shouldn't attempt it alone. Our skilled team can assist you at every stage, from the initial concepts and cost estimates to installation and use. To find out more about what R3tract can do for your pool, get in touch with us right away.

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