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What are Bi-Folding Pool Decks?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Bi-Folding V-Line Pool Decks

Protect your swimming pool from dust and impurities during the off-season using R3TRACT's Vertically Folding V-Line Swimming Pool Covers.

Built using sturdy and durable materials, this folding deck pool cover can be customized to accommodate any shape, size and finish of the pool.

You can see the finished products through 2D and 3D designs to better visualize the final look. Installing a pool with a folding deck adds value to your property and can help you land a better sales deal if you decide to sell your house in the future.

Space improvement

This folding floor pool cover is ideal for properties with a limited floor area. It offers a safe and reliable solution to cover the swimming pool and adds space to your property.

The covered pool can be used as a car park, basketball court or helipad. By adding square footage to your property, you can instantly increase your property's appraisal value. This folding deck pool retracts vertically and saves space even while the pool is uncovered.

Durable and innovative construction

R3TRACT manufactures these folding floor pool covers with reliable and latest techniques. Constructed using exceptional craftsmanship, this pool cover can be customized with any flooring material such as wood, ceramic, Astroturf and heat repellent tiles.

The innovative design and technology let this pool cover open and close in 60 seconds. The covered pool can hold the weight of hundreds of people and is ideal for use as a dance floor during parties and get-togethers.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

R3TRACT's Vertically Folding V-Line Swimming Pool Covers help you save money by preventing the evaporation of pool water and maintaining its temperature. As stated by the US Department of Energy, up to 70% of the loss of water in pools and spas is solely due to evaporation.

The pool cover acts as a barrier and blocks the heat from direct sunlight to prevent evaporation. By conserving water, this cover reduces the need for water filters and chemicals required for cleaning.

Enhanced safety

Like our sliding deck pool covers, the folding floor pool cover provides peace of mind for homeowners regarding the safety or their children and visiting guests. The pool cover minimizes the possibility of your children or pets falling in it and also prevents other water hazards.

Its anti-slip surface protects you and your family against slipping accidents, and the sturdy platform reduces suction hazards. The V-line pool cover boasts advanced security features and works only through a password-protected app.

Less maintenance

A pool with a folding deck remains safe from pollutants and unwanted particles that would contaminate the pool water. This pool cover significantly reduces the maintenance expenses required to keep the pool clean and fresh during its off-season.

With a 50% reduction in electricity charges and a 70% reduction in pool heating expenses, you can save a considerable amount of money and effort.

An Investment for Convenience

The costs of R3TRACT's Vertically Folding V-Line Decks may amplify your budget for renovating or installing a swimming pool. But it will reap long-term benefits in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. This automatic pool cover can cover and uncover at the click of a button and provides safety without manually laying it again and again.

Add luxury to your house with R3TRACT's Vertically Folding V-Line Swimming Pool Covers and keep your family and pool safe during the off-season.

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