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Which Retractable Cover Is Right For Your Pool?

A retractable pool cover may be the finest thing to ever happen to your pool due to its simplicity, safety, and low maintenance requirements. R3tract will help you determine which one is right for you.

Above Ground

Some sliding decks are operated manually. On a low-friction track, this kind of sliding deck usually functions as a single unit.

However, most sliding decks of this type move back and forth atop the pool on their tracks, minimizing the need to move furniture when you want to use the space for entertaining. The R3tract H-Line sliding deck is an excellent above-ground example and is available in both hydraulic and electric modes.

This unibody-style sliding deck can move either across the wide edge of your pool or down its narrower edge.

Whatever the configuration of your backyard space, having the ability to slide your deck either length-wise or width-wise means that your sliding pool deck cover will fit there.

In Ground

Sliding decks are not always constructed over swimming pools. Some are "seamless," in which case they will be integrated into the pool wall.

Some sliding decks consist of two or more sections, sliding in pairs or more from opposing ends of your pool to the middle. Similar to sliding decks with unibody construction, this pool cover can operate length- or width-wise.

Some pool coverings for sliding decks can be configured to slide out from beneath a static deck that is already there or is being built. The sliding deck can be built to match the material and finish of your static deck.

Additionally, tucked decks can increase the amount of deck space in your yard in ways that a sliding deck by itself would not be able to do.

The Design

From plastic hooked-on tarps and big, roll-away motors to the creation of the first automatic pool cover, covers have gone a long way. However, in recent years, retractable pool coverings have once more developed to meet the expanding demands of pool design. In addition, they now include more compact mechanisms and covert installation choices.

Imagine it like your car's sunroof: with the touch of a button, the roof appears or disappears, its exquisite design hiding any obvious mechanics. The car's slick appearance is still intact.

The motorized pool covers of today can cover pools and spas of every size and shape, including those with infinite edges. That means nobody will know that your poolside deck is a cover when the pool is open. When the pool is shut, guests might not even be aware that you have a pool because some of them hold weight for furniture, dinner parties, or even become a dance floor.

So Many Choices

Although a retractable pool cover might be a lovely addition to your backyard retreat, it's not something you should attempt on your own. From the preliminary designs and cost projections to installation and use, our knowledgeable team can help you at every step of the way. Contact us right away to learn more about what R3tract can do for your pool.

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