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Benefits of Having a Load-Bearing Pool Cover

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Pools are the perfect addition to any home. They help make memories, build relationships, and make the perfect hang-out spot. Over 8% of households have a pool, and if you're one of them you know how important a good pool cover is.

Pool covers are a mandatory addition to any pool. Once you find the perfect one for your pool, the benefits of pool covers become even more obvious. But, when you're trying to pick one out, it can be hard to know which pool cover is perfect for you.

Picking out the perfect pool cover starts by reading this article! We'll walk you through everything you need to know about load-bearing pool covers and their benefits.

Why Pool Covers Are Important Pool covers are about more than decoration. They are an important aspect of pool maintenance.

Safety is Number One If you have kids, you know how important it is to make your pool a safe space, even when you aren't using it. Pool covers are a key factor in maintaining a safe environment both in and out of the pool.

Your pool cover should create a solid seal along every side of the pool. This seal prevents everyone regardless of age from accidentally falling into the pool. If someone does fall on the pool cover, it will feel the same as falling on the ground or on a waterbed depending on the type of pool cover you have.

Automatic pool covers are easy to use and will take away any possible stress related to pool ownership.

Shield from the Outside It's important to take care of your pool year-round, and a pool cover can do that. Pool covers will protect your pool from outside factors, like leaves, dirt, or snow.

Using a pool cover can reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do between uses. If your pool cover is on, nothing can get in and your pool will be ready to use right away.

Heat Retention No one likes to swim in cold water! When you don't have a pool cover, all the heat can leave your pool, causing the water to be cold the next time you want to use it. Pool covers help keep heat in your pool so it's always at the perfect temperature.

Fewer Pool Chemicals Needed When the water in your pool evaporates, so do the chemicals in your pool. Pool covers prevent evaporation. By proxy, this reduces the number of chemicals removed from the pool via evaporation.

Sunlight can also cause organic materials, like algae, to grow in your pool. To remove algae, you need to use lots of chemicals. But, if you have a pool cover, it blocks the sunlight and the algae never get the chance to grow.

A pool cover can help save you money by not needing to buy replacement or cleaning chemicals more than usual.

Keep Water in the Pool A lot of time and water is put into filling your pool up all the way. The last thing you want to happen is needing to refill it every time you use it.

Automatic pool covers reduce evaporation by 90%. This will keep your water in the pool and eliminate the need to waste time and money constantly refilling.

Retractable Pool Cover Options

There are three types of automatic retractable pool covers available.

V-Line folding deck pool covers sit against a wall or surface above your pool. They unfold to cover your pool.

H-Line sliding deck pool covers slide into place. They come out from one side of the pool and lengthen to the other side.

S-Line movable floor pools rise from the bottom of the pool to cover the top. This is a great option if you want to be able to vary the depth of your pool depending on who uses it.

It will also seamlessly cover your pool entirely like the other pool cover options.

The Difference a Load Bearing Pool Cover Can Make

Vinyl or plastic pool covers are the most common types of materials for in-ground pool cover shells.

But, there has been a movement towards using a load-bearing pool cover. These covers are still retractable, automatic, and have more benefits than your standard vinyl or plastic cover.

Increase Your Space

One of the biggest benefits of a load-bearing pool cover is the increase of space when the pool isn't in use. For many homeowners, the decision can come down to having a bigger pool or having free space in their yard.

With a load-bearing pool cover, you don't have to worry about losing free space in exchange for a bigger pool.

Load-bearing pool covers can be made to match or look like a deck when not in use. They are made of solid, durable material that can handle having hundreds of people standing on it at once without collapsing. Your family can go from swimming in the pool to having a barbecue on top of it in minutes.

You will have more room to entertain guests or just hang out. This is a great use of space if you don't use your pool in the fall or winter seasons because you can still use your backyard space for other activities.

The Safer Option

For many homeowners, this is a safer option than a standard vinyl or plastic pool cover. While vinyl or plastic pool covers are still safe, accidents can still happen.

The material can shift and move with the water. This leaves the possibility of someone accidentally falling in open.

If someone falls on top of the vinyl or plastic pool cover, it might feel like they're falling onto a waterbed. But, it can be hard for them to get off the cover after they fall on it. And, depending on the strength of the cover, it will shift with the person's weight.

Load-bearing pool covers, in contrast, are made to be walked on. The rigid, sturdy material won't move under someone's weight. It is also more likely to retain its shape over time, so you won't have to worry about surprise gaps along the edge of your pool.

It might hurt more if someone trips and falls on it, but they won't have to worry about the cover shifting when they walk to the other side of the pool. Load-bearing pool covers can hold hundreds of people safely.

Design Friendly and Customizable

One of the best things about load-bearing pool covers is how design-friendly and customizable it is.

When it comes to designing your backyard, you put thought into everything from patio chairs to what kind of lighting should highlight your space. Load-bearing pool covers allow you to expand your design capabilities.

You can start by picking a material the material you want your load-bearing pool cover to be made of. All of these options can be made to fit your pool.

Wood is a common material because it can look like a deck when it's not in use. The wood can be a variety of different colors and styles. You can even have it match an existing deck that already surrounds your pool.

Ceramic and marble are also popular options. These options are easy to take care of and are great if you have a modernist aesthetic. Marble and ceramic also work well at the bottom of your pool if you have an S-Line style cover.

Astroturf is a great option if you want your yard to have more grass space when your pool isn't in use. With astroturf, you get the look and feel of grass without any of the maintenance. This will help retain the natural look of your yard when your pool isn't in use.

Once you have your material picked out, you can get furniture, games, or general yard decorations to go on top of your load-bearing pool cover. This gives you a chance to have a complete, aesthetically pleasing yard all year.

Easy to Clean Because you can walk on load-bearing pool covers, they can be easier to clean than plastic or vinyl covers. If you don't clean your pool cover before you retract it, it can get damaged or cause debris to fall into your pool as it retracts.

With load-bearing pool covers, cleaning it can be as simple as taking a broom and brushing it off. You don't have to worry about watching your step.

In the winter, shoveling off the cover is a breeze. In the fall, you can go over it with your leaf blower without a problem.

Long-Lasting Quality Load-bearing pool covers are made to last. Plastic and vinyl pool covers can easily wear down and get holes, tears, or warm over time. When it comes to getting a pool cover that will last for years, load-bearing pool covers are the way to go.

These pool covers are cut to match your pool perfectly, so you won't have to worry about trying to measure your pool yourself. The great fit combined with strong materials means this pool cover will hold up against anything.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Pool Covers Today If your pool doesn't have a cover or your cover needs to be replaced, getting a load-bearing pool cover is a perfect solution. You will have all the benefits of pool covers, and the added space to your yard when your pool isn't in use.

R3tract can service all of your pool cover needs. We can install your load-bearing pool covers fast and solve all your design questions. Contact us today to create a better, safer space in your yard.

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