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Sliding Pool Deck

The Slide & The Slide+

The Slide is our most popular pool cover and deck option. 

The Slide (Electric) and The Slide (Manual) are available as decks (Min. 8 inches high) that seamlessly slide over your pool when necessary.

We offer many types of sliding decks that can fit the aesthetic of your space. 

The Slide+ (Hydraulic) is powered by a high-end hydraulic lift. This version comes with more complex types. 

The Slide+ is available as a deck, seamless (same level as floor), telescoping (one deck under the other), nested, tuck, among many other custom configurations.

Type: The Slide (Electric)

Configurations: Manual, Classic Deck, Split

Type: The Slide+ (Hydrualic)

Configurations: Classic Deck, Seamless, Hidden, Tuck, Telescoping, Nested

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